The Revenant

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The Revenant

Postby misfit » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:49 pm


Abigail Lawrence was a fashion model (it was the 60's, so that's how most female superheroes started out) who inhereited an ancient necklace from her grandmother. (How did grandma get it? We never found out). She learned that when she wore the necklace at night she could transform into an insubstantial spirit. In this form she could enter the body of a criminal and learn their thoughts. She would then pass that information on to her private detective boyfriend who would it to find proof and have the person thrown in jail. (Again, it was the 60's...a woman had to have a man do the serious stuff).

Then, when the inappropriately named Awesome Comics went into receivership the rights to the character were sold off. The new owners gave the character a complete overhaul.

The revised Abigail was a policewoman. Frustrated with the 70's belief that women couldn't do the serious police work she started working on some cases on an unofficial basis. She found evidence of a plot to assassinate the President, but the plotters surprised her and killed her. Her strong sense of will allow her spirit to return as a ghost. She learned to use the advantages of her new state and foiled the plot. Thus began her heroic career as The Revenant.

As a spirit, she is insubstantial and does not need to eat or sleep. She can still merge into a person to read their thoughts/mind/soul (details of how this works depends on the author). She also has telekinetic "poltergeist" powers which allow her to manipulate physical objects. Over the years this power has become more refined allowing greater strength and greater finesse. Her greatest weakness if that sunlight severely limits her powers, so she operates mostly at night.

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