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Postby Wyvern » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:59 pm

Bandersnatch is a very genteel and aristocratic character of mixed British/Indian descent. He's also a rakshasa and would be the very definition of 'affably evil' if he were, in fact, evil. (Though he's occasionally referred to having a "mis-spent youth", so it's possible that his heroic inclinations are more of a recent thing.)

Instead, he's a trickster hero who relies on - in rough order of priority - a good bluff check, skill at social manipulation and prestidigitation, throwing money at the problem, subtle application of non-lethal poisons, shapeshifting magic and illusions, mundane stealth, and, when all else fails, raw physical power sufficient to punch through brick walls. For some reason that last one always seems to catch people off guard.

Regardless of form, he's always depicted as having brilliantly blue cat-like eyes, though it's implied that this is done as a courtesy to the reader rather than an actual limitation; nobody in-setting ever seems to notice, and his reflection is always shown with form-appropriate eyes when he's in disguise. In some cases - most often when he's disguised as a faceless mook with a visored helmet - his eyes literally glow.
The only time this trait is left out is when it would add to the dramatic tension for the reader to not be aware exactly where Bandersnatch is - though the preferred method is to pick viewpoints where he's looking away from the camera until it's time for the reveal.

He's also a little bit lazy and a little bit mercenary; while he's independently wealthy and has no use for monetary payment, he will trade in favors if someone wants to hire him; most commonly this comes up when his skills are needed to help rescue a captured hero. (Or a hero's sidekick, or grandmother, or etc.; rescue missions are something of a specialty for him.)

(More details incoming later.)

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