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Sandrine Cartier was a lab assistant (it was the 60's...you don't think she got to be a real scientist?) at a research lab. There was the predictable accident bathing her in strange radiation (you know the drill). The result was that she gained the power to flood an area with blindingly bright strobes of colored light. She became a superhero and was part of several teams over the course of her career.

In the 80's it was decided that she needed to be made "dark and gritty" because that was becoming trendy. There was a story arc where she was subjected to more radiation which boosted her powers. Before she learned her new limits she killed two criminals that she was trying to stop. When her teammates tried to stop her, she accidentally killed one of them as well. She panicked and ran which made her a wanted criminal.

Now she is a fugitive vigilante. Although she tries not to kill she is not above doing so...after all, she's already a wanted killer so what does she have left to lose?

In addition to her original powers, she can generate various light-based attacks (laser, etc.), drain an area of light to create darkness and bend light around herself to become invisible.

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