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Major Justice!

Postby Joshua » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:15 pm

Major Justice! is your basic F.I.S.S. (Flight-Invulnerability-Strength-Speed) who made his debut in Ammo Comics. He is the inheritor of the Sword of Justice, an enchanted weapon that grants the power to enforce Justice. He is extremely patriotic and wears a blue, white and red costume. He does not have a secret identity, a fact which has caused him a number of issues in his comic run.

The above is propaganda. Major Justice (exclamation point optional) is a super-soldier experiment. The Sword, while made out of Adimantium-ish and able to cut near anything, is not enchanted. Initially, Major Justice's powers come from a steady supply of Super Serum from government scientists. The serum only works for him because it actually activates latent metahuman powers he does possess naturally.

In the mid 60's, Major Justice was known to occasionally supercharge his powers by taking a massive dose of Serum, but that caused it to burn-out in minutes instead of the normal days.

In the 80's, for the war on drugs, Major Justice managed to ween himself off of the serum, with the long term exposure to the drug (and an incident involving a giant crossover battle) permanently activating his latent powers. A few years later, it was shown that the serum could still supercharge his powers, although his powers would shut off for days after he detoxed from it again.

Despite the propoganda, Major Justice is a genuine hero and a shining example of power used for good and to protect the innocent and helpless.

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