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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:42 pm 
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(Largely thought up and posted by me, with Wyvern's approval. I like clockwork.)

Name: Scrit
Race: Who knows?
Gender: Not applicable, but referred to as male.

Scrit is a very unusual sort of creature. He is a clockwork gryphon, and serves as Mirri's steed. Although he is made entirely from various inorganic materials, he seems uncannily alive.

Scrit possesses faceted ruby eyes, a mithril skin, and mithril-feathered wings. His curved beak appears wickedly sharp, a feature which is mirrored in his talons. Both beak and talons are laced with green adamantine. His flexible tail is tipped with mace-like protrusions of metal, but it is too weak to be used as an effective weapon. Scrit is as large as a normal gryphon, but only slightly heavier, owing to the strict engineering requirements of flight.

Scrit's skeleton is largely made of mithril, with adamantine reinforcing many of his joints. Much of the rest of Scrit's interior is made of enchanted brass, and those standing near him hear can hear a soft, regular ticking. His head is full of tiny rods which shuffle back and forth with great speed and incredible precision-- Scrit's brain is partially magical, but it is also comprised of a linear mechanical computer. (Not that anyone would recognize one.) His internal clock is slightly fast, but the discrepancy is almost impossible to recognize without a well-made clock to compare it to. Maintenance on Scrit is largely accomplished via magic, but there is a codeword that allows access to his inner workings for physical repair. He does need the occasional oiling.

Scrit communicates through a melodious chiming that seems to emanate from some position well within his body. (He could bong like a clock, but doesn't; weirdly, he seems to consider this undignified.) Due to this limited form of discourse, his thoughts-- if he truly has any-- are nearly impossible to discern. He certainly does seem to have opinions about the events around him, and likewise appears to grasp their significance on some level, but he has never shown any understanding of concepts like "sparring". Scrit's computer brain enables him to perform precise actions, but nobody has ever realized this, and so nobody's ever asked him to do anything like that.

In combat, Scrit relies on his beak and talons. His neck is quite flexible, and his head, being free from the usual limitations of a skeleton, can rotate through a full 360 degrees. Were anyone to examine the workings of his feet, they would find powerful springs under constant tension. When not in battle, Scrit is as imperturbable as a clock, but his ruby eyes gleam with a decidedly un-clock-like awareness.

Superstitious people are unnerved by Scrit. He doesn't shoot lasers out of his eyes, spit horrible acids, or go on coldly methodical killing sprees, but somewhere, in the backs of their minds, some people think he might do any or all of the above.

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