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PostPosted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:34 pm 
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Some general notes: PCs are assumed to start at level three - thus, levels one and two are just there for multiclassing. Also, weapon specialization & stuff that chains off it get pre-reqs based on base attack, not fighter level. Yes, this is supposed to be more powerful than existing fighter-like classes; it's intended to be possible to straight class it without falling too far behind someone using multiclassing and prestige classes.

Critique is both welcome and encouraged.

1: limited bonus feat (must be one of: power attack, weapon focus, greater weapon focus, weapon specialization, greater weapon specialization, improved toughness, great fortitude, exotic weapon proficiency)
2: mighty blow
3: shielding parry
4: bonus feat
5: armored move +5 (only to reduce movement penalties from armor), armor check penalty reduced by 1 (does not apply to shields)
6: withstand
7: bonus feat, follow through +1
8: quick attack -0/-10
9: special
10: bonus feat, follow through +2
11: armor max dex +1, armor check penalty reduced by 2 (does not apply to shields)
12: special
13: bonus feat, follow through +3
14: quick attack -0/-5/-10
15: special
16: bonus feat, follow through +4
17: armor counts as one step lighter, armor check penalty reduced by 3 (does not apply to shields)
18: special
19: bonus feat, follow through +5
20: quick attack -0/-0/-5/-10

mighty blow: If you are wielding a single one-handed weapon, calculate bonus damage as if you were wielding it two-handed. (Effect: a sword-and-board fighter, while he'll still have lower base damage than a two weapon or two handed weapon fighter, does actually scale at the same rate.)

shielding parry: If you are wielding a melee weapon, gain a +1 shield bonus to your AC. You may use the inherent equipment rules to improve this ability. (Effect: a two-handed weapon or two weapon fighter can get by without purchasing an animated shield.)

withstand: You gain a bonus to defend against disarm, grapple, trip, and bull rush attacks. The amount of this bonus is equal to half your fighter level.

follow through: When full attacking, reduce the penalties for multiple attacks by this amount. For example, a 16th level fighter with haste active would get five attacks; two at their normal attack bonus, one at minus one, one at minus six, and one at minus eleven.

quick attack: You can get multiple attacks off a standard action. This does not stack with any ability that automatically grants extra attacks, such as haste or rapid shot, but does stack with abilities that can trigger conditional extra attacks, such as cleave and improved trip. This may be used with other abilities that grant a single attack, such as a charge action or the spring attack feat. (Damage increases from the action type, if any, apply only to the first attack from quick attack. The GM may rule that a particular combination does not work - for example, quick attack cannot be stacked with multishot.)

special: Kinda like rogue special abilities, this is a place for other cool tricks that not every fighter might have. Alas, I do still need to come up with a good list; at the moment, I only have one:
guarding parry: one adjacent ally counts as if they were also protected by your shield (or shielding parry), including any magical enhancements thereto appertaining.

Yes, at 20th level a non-hasted fighter is just as well off using quick attack as using a full attack. This is intended; I expect a fighter at that level to have access to haste if they care.

The armored speed boost ability works great... until you consider dwarves. I'm not sure what to do about them.

Also, the combination of mighty blow and shielding parry renders the bastard sword not worth an exotic weapon proficiency. Which I don't much like, but I don't see a good way to fix it - and it's a small enough problem that I'm inclined to just leave it alone.

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