My 2 cents on what I have seen

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My 2 cents on what I have seen

Postby AWC » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:27 am

I am basically a narrator and Brian does just listen to my advise so I figured I would post basic theories here that people should keep in mind. Because they have been discussed and are important ideas.
First nothing is free. You grow someone a background they buy it. You take a flaw that never comes up you don't get points. You take a flaw that risks your characters life you get xp. There are rule mechanics in the books that can be used to get things for free. They will never be used. If someone finds a way around this I will make sure to shut it down. Don't get me wrong allies do favors, npc's can be convinced to help, and spirits can use gifts. these can all be done. Anything that stays on your character sheet or alters it permanently will always be paid for with something. My job is to try to make sure there is a balance.

Rules that exist will be used over rules that don't exist. If you want something that is in the game already that is how it will most likely work.

No matter how good you as a player are at a skill if your character sucks at it don't expect to succeed.

advise to new players when making a character. Don't decide what you want and how you want it to work. If you want something for a character ask the ST for what you want and how you can make it work. Brian will approve just about any concept if you are willing to work with him on the how. Trust me I am a crazy man and have done everything from creating demi planes to making myself a robot in table tops. The important part is working with the staff not making demands. Same goes for in game goals state what you hope to achieve and be willing to work with staff on how you get there.

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Re: My 2 cents on what I have seen

Postby Benabik » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:30 am

I'm the storyteller, and I approve this message.

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Re: My 2 cents on what I have seen

Postby Frank G. » Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:58 pm

What I've seen thus far:

Currently it looks like the game is growing to a fair size and there are enough regulars to make the game work. My only rules change suggestion is already posted and I made a case for a humanities narrator/judge in another post. As the game gets bigger demands on the staff are going to cause some issues and I'd like to suggest growing the staff to 4.

1) ST clearly this is Brian's show and I think everyone can agree he is doing a good job here.

2) Head Narrator/Assistant ST- Josh has this covered and does a good job.

3) Backgrounds narrator- this is just a suggestion- rumors and overall backgrounds management should prolly be handled by 1 person and the use should also be managed by the same. I'd recommend AWC personally as he was the master at cheesing this in other games (I mean it as a compliment.)

4) Humanity/Morality narrator- I made a case for this already, I'd be good at this, maybe Brian C. if he wants the job. Basically this narrator would handle feeding tests and inject humanity plot into people's ST write ups. If a system of keeping humanity private from the players was adopted this person would throw the tests and keep the record.

As the game grows (hopefully the trend will continue) new positions to keep things focused might be adopted for specific jobs or even specific plots. Having the right sized staff can make or break a game, trust me on this one I've been there, the main thing is don't switch STs.

Tossing 2 more into the pile :)

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Re: My 2 cents on what I have seen

Postby Michael » Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:00 pm

Frank I like the idea of a Hunanity Narrator. it sounds like it could capture the essence of morality that the book talks about. the eternal struggle between the beast and the man.

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