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Postby Joshua » Sun May 30, 2010 10:26 pm

So, going into the ideas for the city, we'd like to make an effort to incorporate more mortal areas, and more things players are interested in.

To this end, I (we?) plan on blatantly ripping off the City creation rules for Dresden RPG. Here is the abridged process (Yeah, really shortened):

Step 1: What facets of the city are you interested in?
Here are some discussion prompts to get the conversation rolling:
  • Why are you interested in that feature of the city?
  • Does anyone else find that interesting for other reasons?
  • Does anyone find that uninteresting for some reason?
  • What role would you envision it fulfilling in a campaign?

Step 2: Make them into Overarching Themes and Threats.
Obviously the City Killer (the death of the city, the price that vampires pay for the "infection" they bring to the city) is a threat.
Most people don't know that the two planned themes for the game were originally:
  • The real power inside the blood (gaining and losing bloodlines, devotions, becoming mortal, being real monsters that humanity quakes from)
  • The price of giving up your humanity for such power (See Ishan)

Any overarching themes or threats you'd be interested in? (The werewolves, for example...)

Step 3: Locations in the city
So, each location has a description, if it represents a theme or threat, and a face, someone who represents it.
We don't have a lot of regular locations in the game so far. OF note: The Prince's Building (Times Square Building), and High falls.
But, we'd like some idea for other ones. Should the body disposal house, or the warrens, or a mall, be more important? What would be fun to have scenes at?

Step 4: Faces
These are people in the city. They have a name, what they are a face of, a high concept, a motivation, and relationships to other faces and people.
We have a lot of Supernatural ones (Court, Uratha, VII, etc) but not a lot of mortal ones. That's what we need a bit more of.

So, not sure if we'll use all ideas, but the hope is to incorporate ones people want to see more of. The idea is to flesh the city out more an dlet it breathe in game.

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