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Some basic Amber Timeliney Stuff: (note, shadows can have whatever time speed they want, so this is in amber time. For example: In a specific shadow, it's possible 100 or even 1000 years passed between years 3 and 4.)
This is subject to PC origins. NPC origins are not set in stone yet either. Also, this had the previous pcs on it, so removed some of those.

Year: (Note: The Amber calendar starts mid-winter. For sake of sanity, they use an equivalent calendar to us.)
  1. Dworkin and Quin arrive in Amber Castle. (i) Dworkin starts summoning / finding staff and guards for the castle. Some villagers arrive to fill the nearby empty city of Amber.
  2. More guards and villagers arrive, including Rolf, Richard, and Will. Some newcomers are aquatic, and start on the city of Rebma. Some are too monstrous and start a camp of humanoids out in the nearby forest. Some go underground into mount Kolvir, creating a fort. It is discovered that the forest has monsters. (ii)
  3. Dworkin orders preparations for a grand festival to welcome the true rulers of Amber. These are sabotaged several times by a minor resistance that resent being unable to choose their own fate. The six (or so) leaders of this group were eventually captured.
  4. Near the end of the year, Dworkin brings to Amber a small group of recruits. They are treated to a royal fanfare and educated about Amber and the potential power they might wield.
    The year end festival culminates in them being lead to their respective patterns and asked to walk. At least one dies in the process. Dworkin also allows the 6 leaders of the resistance to attempt to walk the pattern of their choosing. 2 die, 3 relent, and rumor has it, one survives.
    Members of this first group include Oberon, Morgana, and some more PCs or NPCs.
  5. Dworkin continues to attract / import new recruits, several each year. Some of them get the royal treatment, some are asked to walk the pattern and it is assumed they will find their way back.
  6. Darnell arrives this year, but waits a few months before finally walking the pattern the full moon before the Year end Festival. (iii)
    Dworkin has announced something special for the New year festival. Rumors have been circulating for a while. Around this time was the first appearance of a robed man (Osmund).
    Alys arrives two days before the festival, Dec 29th. She has not yet been presented to court.
  7. The Seventh Winter

  1. Order is up to debate. Common consensus is that Quin came with the castle.
  2. The Unicorn was spotted, as well as a manticore and a chimera. Casualties were light.
  3. Remember, Tir-Na Nog'th's pattern only shows up once a month.

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