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XP Rules

Postby Joshua » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:30 pm

(This thread is for discussion of XP rules.)

Gaining XP:
So, a base character in the game is 100 points. You can get up to 110 with bad stuff, but that's it. So, how do you get better?

Normal XP:
First, I will start awarding experience every major scene or so. Experience (real experience) spends exactly like the base 100 points you had. You can increase attributes, buy off bad stuff, or pay for new powers. All you have to do is let me know what you'd like to spend it on. I keep up to date versions of your characters on my computer, and I'll add what you'd like to that. At worst, I'll ask to to justify it IC in some way.
For Example: If you want to purchase Pattern, you will have to actually walk a pattern in game.
Reminder: If you attempt to purchase above the highest level of an attribute, the PC who currently holds that spot gets a chance to match you.

You may deficit spend slightly. Gaining a 5 point upgrade to a power due to experimentation, then paying for it when xp is awarded is allowed, and most powers have explanations built into them for this.

Catchup XP:
If you are behind the other players in XP, you get a base 50% bonus to your XP until you catch up. So, if the game gets 4, you get 6. This represents the 'sink or swim' mentality in Amber. If the game goes on long enough, I may change the base point total from 100.

Bonus Points (BP):
I was thinking about a way to reward exceptional players. I have decided they get added say in the game-world. If I don't care what an NPC is, then why not allow an active player to deal with it?

BP is similar to XP with the following main differences:
  • BP is awarded to individual players for being active (the main requirement) and doing stuff that's interesting. (Read: Contributing to the game as a whole.)
  • BP may only be spent on allies, items, creatures or shadows. (This includes Constructs.)
  • XP represents a permanent claim to said item. BP gives about half a claim.
    As a reminder, you can get this stuff without paying any points at all through various means.
  • The amount of BP you have MAY affect your ability to deficit spend on powers.
  • Unlike XP, if said item or shadow is lost, BP is not refunded.
    However, if you "upgrade" the item by paying real XP for it, you get the BP back.

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