07.08f: New Arrivals

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Re: 07.08f: New Arrivals

Postby Jocas » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:05 am

"Well... I've only got the one blade that might be able to cut such a thing... Still, if there's no immediate danger, probably best if I keep Harfang locked away for now," Jocas replies to Quin.

Celeste, however, adds to Lanara's comment, "I would also be interested in the festivities, and could vouch for at least Tor over such a short interval."

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Re: 07.08f: New Arrivals

Postby Tor'Salen » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:28 am

Lanara: "Yes, but where does that leave me?"

Darmascus: "Plotting angrily by your lonesome I'd guess. Well that or that sulking thing you do so well. Not that the two are mutually exclusive."

Lanara smiles a slight crooked smile: "I think you just like it when I pout."

Darmascus: "It is within your rights to think whatever you wish."

Lanara turns towards Quin with a sinister smile: "Looks like I'm with you until you find a nice hole to shove me in for a while."

Darmascus turns towards Celeste: "I would find such an arrangement acceptable my lady. But first, do you enjoy tea? I would very much like to see what Amber has in the way of tea houses. I think I would find myself disheartened to find it lacked one of quality." Turns to Quin. "By your leave of course. Also consider my questions, they might help in creating a profile of your entity and if you feel you can trust her information, the naga are good at knowing the who's who and what's what of the courts of chaos. Feel free to ask Lanara anything you wish she may have knowledge and insights you might find useful." He then turns to Lanara: "Try to make a good impression, and if they do choose to make use of you, be careful what games you choose to play with your information."

Lanara in an exaggerated mock bow to Tor: "I live to serve my Lord."

Darmascus with the rarest hint of emotion speaks with a slight low angry growl to his voice: "We have much to discuss later."

Lanara turns to Celeste with a wink and a shiver: "When his voice gets like that it's no wonder he has so many wives."

Darmascus somehow becoming more calm and serine than before turns to Quin: "I ask humbly that you acquiesce to Celeste's request. I find I could really stand for a nice cup of tea right now."

Lanara: "So like his father."

Darmascus hand twitches near his sword ever so slightly.

Lanara smiles: "Do consider my proposal my Lord, I would be most dutiful if you acquiesced." With exaggerated emphasis on the acquiesce.

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Re: 07.08f: New Arrivals

Postby Joshua » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:17 am

Quin will sigh and shrug, ignoring the obvious lover's quarrel. "I suppose I don't have anything new to add to the proceedings today. I could escort you, some or all. Jocas... I do bring a gift from Dworkin, but as the incident from last night showed, I would prefer you examine it in private..." He offers Jocas a silk bag, similar to what was given out on Monday night."

He thinks a bit, "There are several tea houses. I could find one to your liking I believe."

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Re: 07.08f: New Arrivals

Postby Jocas » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:27 am

Neither Jocas nor Celeste react to Darmascus' comment on the "courts of chaos" with more than idle curiosity - it's clear neither actually knows about them. That he isn't choosing to vouch for Lanara in turn earns a slightly greater amount of surprise... but Jocas doesn't really care, and Celeste is far too polite to remark on it.

Jocas accepts the bag from Quin with a nod and a "Thank you", and puts it in an at least relatively secure pocket.

OOC: Jocas... doesn't have much to say here. It would seem reasonable to me to allow Tor's next post to skip ahead to the tea house, with Jocas turning up in the trial thread.

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