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Lukas is a 31-year-old man, tall and lithe, with fair skin and dark blue eyes. His light brown hair is straight and sleek and he wears it long, pulled back in a pony tail.

Always impeccably groomed, Lukas is handsome but arrogant and vain. His normal attire is a light gray officer's uniform with a long frock coat, adorned with gold buttons, epaulettes and a deep purple sash. In battle he wears an ornate suit of red armor.

Lukas comes from a shadow with a climate indicative of an Ice Age. There he is the crown prince of an island-chain kingdom which, for the last twenty years, has been waging imperialist campaigns on the mainland. But one cannot tell of the kingdom without mentioning Lukas' twin sister, Princess Katya, renown for her snow white skin, her beauty and her frigidity.

Having actively served as Crown Prince for the last fifteen years, Lukas is well versed in courtly etiquette and (to a lesser extent) diplomacy. He also has some experience planning battles and leading an army. His many free hours were spent studying fencing, languages and alchemy.

Psyche: above amber
Strength: amber
Endurance: amber
Warfare: above amber

neither lucky nor unlucky

Powers: Lukas has recently walked the pattern, and thanks to those hours of study he can perform some sorcery.

Interesting facts:
- gets along well with grand dames, dowagers and other wealthy and high-status older women
- has a complicated relationship with all beautiful young women
- connoisseur of all things luxurious
- his greatest handicap is his own ego
- doesn't like to wake up early

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Re: Lukas

Postby Meeg » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:12 am

Past dealings with Amber: Lukas was whisked away to Amber, during one of his experiments with magic, by Dworkin in spring of the year 6. Dworkin offered him great power and Lukas of course accepted. He went through the difficult, grueling trial of learning to walk the pattern before returning to his home shadow (where only a few weeks had past). His mastery of pattern imprint abilities is spotty (strong in some respects and elementary in others) making his power hard to judge.

Trump Card: 7 of Clubs -- a rogue is sneaking away with a bunch of swords. He has five in his arms and two more are planted in the ground behind him.

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