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Dworkin's Trump Decks

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:58 pm
by Joshua
Note: As new players join, new cards may appear "having been there all along". I apologize for that. As these change in game, I will move the old versions down and post the new version here.

All cards have a stylized border around the outside of the "front" of the card. Writing, suits, and numbers appear in this border. A picture of the unicorn adorns the back of all the cards.
The description here is for the deck you get. It is obviously incomplete, as a lot of numbers are missing.
BTW, if you wish to alter the description of your card, let me know. I'm open to any variation on the theme.

Suits / Courts
The number and suit is listed by an icon in the upper left and lower right corners. A number followed by the symbol of the suit. The Ace has no number, just the suit symbol. Last, Page (P), Knight (K), Guide (G), and Ruler (R) have letters that represent them. In small letters, the description (ie: Four of Cups) is listed up the left side and down the right side.
  • Swords: Amber
    • Ace: Nuall
      A man with long blonde hair, crowned in red and and white roses, stands atop the battlements of a castle. His upraised sword pierces a thin layer of cloud (or perhaps smoke from a battle?) and the sun glints off of the point.
    • Four: Jocas Added 07.08d/f (At about noon)
      Jocas is depicted working on a sword in an open-air forge overlooking a calm circular lake, with two completed swords and one unworked blank resting on a rack nearby.
    • Five: Solten
      The sky is ripped apart with jagged black clouds that threaten turmoil. Underneath, Solten stands victorious as three injured wolves limp off. Three broken blades lay used, turned into the ground of the battle. With a heavy heart, Solten holds a short sword and is picking up a dagger, made form a giant fang and apparently discarded.
    • Seven: Lukas
    • Ten: Benabik
      Benabik stands atop a tower amid the ruins of a once great city. Eight gleaming swords, sized for titans, rain from the sky, breaking up buildings and landscape. He holds a ninth sword, and is driving it downward into the wizards tower beneath him. A ghost of a woman (or an angel), floats above, impaled by and shielding him from a tenth sword with her own body.
    • Page: Oberon
      Oberon stands atop the landing in Amber that connects to Tir-Na Nog'th, but it is midday and the city is not visible. Due to forced perspective, he looks like a giant, standing by the diminutive sea, holding a gleaming sword in two hands, ready to face all threats with solid footing. Reflected in the polished hilt is a fragment of Castle Amber.
    • Guide: Ranait
      Viewed in profile, Ranait sits on a throne with a stern, wise look on her face and a crown on her head. One hand holds a sword pointing straight up, the other hand she holds open, as if inviting someone to speak. In the distance behind her, a lonely lighthouse towers over a rocky shoreline, while above a puffin soars in a clear spring sky. Looking at the picture, you almost get a whiff of the salt breeze off an ocean. Reflected in the top of the lighthouse is a faint set of blue lines, a hint of the pattern.
  • Cups: Rebma
    • Eight: Ruben
      In the foreground, eight cups are raised in triumph at the completion of a long journey and homecoming, the hint of a crown can be seen atop a head that is likely attached to one of the arms. Behind them is a bay, and Ruben walks away from the party on the other side. He glances back with a hint of a smile as he settles in with a walking stick for a long journey. Of note, although there is a small greek sailing vessel in the bay, it appears that Ruben has walked out of the water. In the distance, the island Amber is on can be seen as the moon looms overhead.
  • Wands: Tir-Na Nog'th
    • Ace: Asai
      Appearing in mid-air our of a cloud of sparkling blue smoke, Asai leaps through the air to catch a wand falling from the heavens. The backdrop is a dizzying sky-cam shot of Tir-Na Nog'th, lit almost as daytime by a full moon. Silver clouds shine in the moonlight, and hints of the Tir-Na Nog'th pattern can be seen in the floating courtyard.
    • Page: Darnell
      The stoic elf stands amid a bustling market. He is dressed in a technicolor traveling cloak with a gleaming white hat over understated tan pants and shirt. Amid the scene are things he has selected to buy, trinkets and dreamcatchers, and a needlepoint rendition of Tir-Na Nog'th hints of blue in a floating courtyard and a round circle imply it's a scene of the full moon. Darnell is appraising a walking staff which is clearly the wrong length for his use.
    • Guide: Eretria
      Eretria stands amidst roiling mist (though even the boldest bit of fog keeps several feet of distance from her), wearing a sequined white gown and a simple silver tiara. Her right hand holds a scepter topped with a seven pointed star, while her left points to a square on the chessboard floor beneath her. On the board, a three inch purple king rallies an array of like-colored pieces against armies in orange and green. A few scattered blue pieces form a fourth faction, and one of the blue pawns is moving to the square Trina is pointing to. There is one curious absence, however - of all the chess pieces in view, none of the four factions contains a queen. Those with at least mid-rank warfare may note that, despite their seemingly weak position and numbers, blue will subsume purple in no more than seven moves, while those who have seen the Pattern may note some similarities between its curves and the arrangement of the scattered blue army.
  • Coins: Ht'Gon An-rit
    • Nine: Alystrakos
      Dressed in silk finery, Alys walks through the gardens just inside the fort. Her dress is a fiery red and brilliant yellow that interplay in flickering frozen in time. Odd, scale shaped steel-gray patches of cloth dot the outfit, giving the impression of web of shields. She has one hand on a particularly fruitful plant, with eight coin-like fruits. She looks away from it, at her other hand, where she holds a coin-shaped, stylized, crest of a dragon. The ground looks scorched, and marred by small claw-marks.
    • Ruler: Morgana
      Morgana sits on a large throne made of obsidian and polished hardwood. In front of her is a cauldron, surrounded by various animal and spirit totems. She is offering a single coin to a ghost child that is standing with a hand out. An examination of the background shows this is a large meeting room in the fort of Ht'gon An-Rit. The cauldron is smoking slightly with a bit of a fire built underneath. The smoke is half-formed into a representation of the Pattern.

Major Arcana:
In general, these have the number listed in roman numerals in the top center of the card. The name of the tarot card is listed up and down both sides (up the left side, down the right), with the person or place's name listed on the bottom.
  • 0 The Fool: Quin
    Quin is standing atop one of castle Amber's towers. He is leaping off the edge, carrying a hobo-sack over one shoulder. His shoulder-blades are slightly extended and face is starting to elongate. In addition to the jester's outfit, there's a formal cape draped over one shoulder.
  • 7 The Chariot: Docks
    The docks at the Town outside of Castle Amber. (has several commerce carts.)
  • 8 Justice: Rolf, one of Amber's guards. A drill sergeant. Richard and Will are shown in the background.
  • 11 Strength: Richard, one of Amber's guards. Knows how to forge weapons and armor. Rolf and Will are shown in the background.
  • 12 The Hanged Man: Home (Or similar name, in native tongue.)
    Your homeland. Drawn inverted and different for each character.
  • 13 Death: Dworkin
    Dworkin as an old man is in a room. He pulls back a curtain at the back to half-reveal a pattern on the floor. A young page looks through in awe. In the center of the room is a table with a chess set. Notable pieces include a serpent and a unicorn.
  • 14 Temperance: Will, one of Amber's guards. Knows a bit of magic. Rolf and Richard are shown in the background.

Re: Dworkin's Trump Decks

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:49 am
by Joshua
Ruben now has a full description. See above. (It was always like that.)

Re: Dworkin's Trump Decks

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:25 am
by Sadie
The always been there thing doesn't work. New players in game show up and even meet Dworkin long after that trump deck was made.

Take Sadie for example.

Re: Dworkin's Trump Decks

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:03 am
by Joshua
Ruben's always been in game and has always had a card. I just hadn't written a description for it. (It was actually always listed, just was blank.)

Re: Dworkin's Trump Decks

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:07 pm
by Joshua
Jocas' card appears in your deck about noon on the Wednesday of the festival. Around 07.08 d or 07.07f.... You don't see Dworkin putting it in, just if you thumb through your deck there's an extra card there.