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Card: Guide of Wands
Eretria (or "Trina" to those who want to please her) is a petite, raven-haired woman with dark eyes. She dresses as a gypsy, and moves as if dancing; in shadow, she's just the "Fortune Teller", the definition of an entire archetype.

She arrived, in company of Dworkin, shorty after the resistance was put down - nearly a year before Dworkin's first group of recruits. Still, when the time came, she walked the pattern with them - in her case, the one in Tir'na Nog'th.

If you ask her a question you'll get a straight answer - unless you ask her about the future or her powers, in which case you'll only get more questions. Trina is about mysteries, magic and finding answers. At times she may hold a conversation but she'll just as readily break out into song, draw your picture or draw a weapon for the dance of swords.

Psyche: One of the strongest minds in Amber. She's obviously in tune with Tir'na Nog'th. (High ranked)
Strength: She's never shown any proclivity for close combat - and her light frame doesn't suggest any particular talent, either. (Unranked or lower)
Endurance: Unknown - but she survived walking the pattern, so that does imply a certain minimum. (Unranked or higher)
Warfare: She's shown an uncanny ability to just pick up a weapon and figure out how to use it. (Mid ranked)

The Talent of Divination. Trina is an expert in all forms of fortune telling; if the local shadow allows any such magics, she knows how to use them to best effect.
The Talent of Deduction. Trina doesn't even need magic to reach conclusions others would find... less than obvious. Sherlock Holmes would be jealous.
The Talent to Tell the Truth... in ways that mislead without ever actually lying.
The Talent to Dance.

Never answers direct questions about her predictions.
I wish I hadn't predicted THAT!
Motherly (or perhaps grandmotherly?) towards children (of all ages).
Likes to take bets.
Hums along to Music no-one else can hear.

Brian C
Needs a Guide
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Re: Eretria(Trina)

Postby Brian C » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:23 pm

Her Trump Card: Guide of Wands
Eretria stands amidst roiling mist (though even the boldest bit of fog keeps several feet of distance from her), wearing a sequined white gown and a simple silver tiara. Her right hand holds a scepter topped with a seven pointed star, while her left points to a square on the chessboard floor beneath her. On the board, a three inch purple king rallies an array of like-colored pieces against armies in orange and green. A few scattered blue pieces form a fourth faction, and one of the blue pawns is moving to the square Trina is pointing to. There is one curious absence, however - of all the chess pieces in view, none of the four factions contains a queen. Those with at least mid-rank warfare may note that, despite their seemingly weak position and numbers, blue will win in no more than seven moves, while those who have seen the Pattern may note some similarities between its curves and the arrangement of the scattered blue army.

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