Tropes I am Avoiding

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Tropes I am Avoiding

Postby Joshua » Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:45 pm

So, part of the inspiration of my story is doing right things that have bothered me bout other works. And I must admit, avoiding their use is really really tough. In that light, here is a list (which I may update as I find more tropes that apply) of things I want to avoid. Now, I reserve the right to include these when they are appropriate, but you should feel free to mock me if I include any of these. ^_^ (and point out where I did.)

Stuff I Want to Completely Avoid:
At no point do I want a character to hold the Idiot Ball.
Which is to say, I don't want to include an Idiot Plot that could be resolved by any character asking a single reasonable question.
Which also means at no point should mentors or teachers keep secrets that result in others getting killed.

Forgetting Powers that are obvious solutions to the problems presented. Which does include writing them out of existence in lame ways cause I don't want to deal with them anymore.
Which includes making a world that logically fits together. Which is difficult with new powers. This means no Villains who should get real jobs, Powers that should also work outside the school, or Powerful mages who won't help.

I do plan on magic magic useful and not ineffective. With Jove's talent, I expect that to be less than easy. Speaking of Jove's talent (and other magics) I don't want to ignore possible uses of it.

As a side note of the above:
I'd like to avoid people being too smart, although Jove is very intuitive.
I'm hoping to avoid too much Power Creep. Although, the students should gain power.

Tropes I'm aiming For:
I'm also interested in keeping good reasons for most of the rules. for example: the Oath of Habitat. (Although, not eating other people is a reason in and of itself.)
Specifically, I want Magic to Make Sense and be Internally Consistant.

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