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These descriptions are a collection of rumors and research from an in character source (from Syracuse). If you’d like to know more or would like to be from or sired by someone in Buffalo, please consult the ST.

Ithaca is the home of the Carthian movement in western New York, or at least, the place where they gather. And they choose to gather in an unusual place, at the haven of one of their most antisocial members, Gaius Cassius. Here they trade stories and ideas. And for those who know how to ask, disciplines and devotions.

Elysium: Elysium in Ithaca is underground. Parking is available at 625 West Clinton St, and you can enter through a number of places. The primary entrance is the manhole in the center of the circle on North Titus Avenue. Alternate entrances are the trashcan in the center of the intersection of West Clinton and South Meadow and the second stall in the women’s bathroom at the nearby free clinic. There are others, even a rumor that some let out into nearby Fall Creek.

Under the intersection is a large, two story, underground complex. It often contains a supply of blood, a few combat ghouls, and a large area for debate, research, and general gatherings. Often you can see a table with wargame miniatures setup in one corner of the main room. I hear that Ithaca has recently tried a board game night, using them as metaphors or to spark topics for debate. Also, there are rumors that the Carthians are starting a vampire-only CCG.

The rules of Elysium are simple, no violence, physical, mental or social. Open debate is allowed, but in the past Gaius has taken offense at bullying.

Gaius, Guardian of Elysium

Favorite Games: Carcassonne, Warhammer (and Warhammer 40K)

As I said, Gaius Cassius is the least social of the kindred who frequent Ithaca. He grumbles, complains and generally expresses his annoyance at those around him. Still, he owns the complex that is Elysium, and maintains it and the ghouls there, so if he was that antisocial, I suppose he could simply tell people to stop showing up, or stop maintaining the place.

Gaius is Greek, and appears in his late 50’s. While he’s rather short at 5’ 4", his knowledge of Vigor and Nightmare make him a keeper not to mess with.

Gaius has a number of nicknames depending on what you need. For an issue dealing with Elysium, you should call for GE. If you seek casual conversation, ask for Guy. If you want to introduce yourself to your host, Gaius is the one you want. Cass has fallen out of favor, but some still call him that. If you are looking for a fight, I would recommend seeking out “Guy Guarder”.

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Favorite Games: Go, Pathfinder (He’s an awesome DM), Robo Rally

Many of us seek enlightenment. Brooks has found that profound inner peace that can only come from a deep understanding that things work out. As an eternal optimist, he doesn’t see the issue if things are out of place, if his hair isn’t combed, or if his shoes don’t match. He is not a slob; his clothes, however haphazardly selected or worn, are always clean, same with his slightly too long hair that is always clean but never styled, finger-combed into a rough semblance of a hairstyle.

Brooks has a good singing voice, although he’s only been coerced into a few performances in Elysium over the past decades.

To his credit, I’ve never seen him frenzy from anything. A few people have tried, instead working themselves into frenzy in frustration at the utter lack of response. Actually, those who have tried to convince Brooks of anything have met that kind of resistance. This drives his sibling Vogel absolutely crazy.

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Favorite Games: Settlers of Catan, Twilight Imperium, Stratego

Immaculately dressed, with meticulous attention to every detail of his appearance. He likes things ordered and planned, and is frustrated by Brooks’ complete lack of caring about such things. He’s often the one getting upset while trying to convince Brooks to take some care about anything. Vogel is fairly outgoing, willing to offer advice, help or instruction if asked, and except for Brooks, is willing to not offer it if you don’t ask.

While many consider Vogel and Brooks to be always together, there are times when only one will attend a Carthian gathering. When I’ve attended their hunting grounds, I’ve only encountered one at a time.

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Favorite Games: Trivial Pursuit, Taboo

To some Ventrue, the world is a chessboard to be manipulated and used. Often those whose requiem is new are pawns, although sometimes, an exception is made. Rook is a large man, perhaps embraced as a warrior because of his strength and size. However, his demeanor is gentle. He likes animals, and has yet to lose that aura of being human some new childer maintain. In the twenty years I have known him, he has held onto his humanity with a tenacity I’ve only seen in Wyatt. There are times when Rook is naive because of his humanity, however, for one so young, he knows plenty and has many allies.

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Favorate Games: Chess (Although many suspect it’s just Rook moving the pieces.)

Aloysius is listed here out of respect for Rook. I have never met him. Actually, no one besides Rook has met him. Still, my interactions with Rook have left me a believer in this hidden elder. Supposedly, this elder looks after Rook and Ithaca, and has managed to remain hidden from the city completely, while retaining a soft spot for wide-eyed neonates who have not yet become cynical. If such a thing is true, it would be disturbing.

To play Aloysius in chess, simply leave a gameboard unattended in Elysium. When you return, chances are one of the pieces will have moved. Oh, and don’t try to cheat, somehow he always knows.

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Mr. Cooper

Favorite Games: Illuminati, Goldbräu (Look it up people)

While I have no love for ghouls, please forgive the insult of listing him after an unconfirmed member of court. In Albany, there is a Ventrue who enjoys trading favors. Mr. Cooper is his representative in Ithaca.

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Fringe Members

Ithaca is not a huge city. But it is the hub of a loose organization of Carthians that take up residence in the surrounding area. Unlike Rochester, some of these must travel upwards of two hours to attend a gathering. As such, they are not regular faces, but usually show up once or twice a month.

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Favorite Games: Blood Bowl (with vampire clan expansion rules), Betrayal at House on the Hill (He paid over $400 for his copy, do NOT damage it!), Axis and Allies

Many myths and legends have kernals of truth in them. Bigby is one such myth. Which one? Well, next time you see him, ask him about his big eyes.

Still, such a myth bears little resemblance to the man today. He is no longer a viking. He no longer carries an axe or shield with him. In recent nights, he has gone much more respectable, although a suit does little to hide the warrior that clearly hides beneath. In olden times, he was called Hati, because of his mastery of form and fear. He was a terrifying warrior, and no matter how much he wishes he has changed, his past and his experiences still hang on him.

Bigby is fond of Ithaca. Although he doesn’t officially state he is Carthian, he is drawn to that covenant because of his desire to forge a new way. Today, he seeks a new path, and he is slowly making one with the same determination that he once used in battle.

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Favorite Games: Apples to Apples, Sorry

A daeva with almost no self-control, Sid somehow manages to survive most nights without incident. He has a disgusting habit of eating when he visits Ithaca. A disgrace to both the Ordo Dracul and the Carthians, his desire to refine his eating habits into Coils will likely overtake his passion for passion’s sake. Still, anyone who wants to learn how to keep food down better would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable teacher.

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Count Zahl

Favorite Games: Backgammon, Cribbage

Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason. Zahl enjoys hiding his vampirism in plain sight. Even in modern nights he dresses in the expected black pants, white shirt and cape you might see at a costume shop. Still, it is hard to argue against what works, and most mortals simply assume he’s an aging emo-goth.

Still, that facade aside, he is a well educated statistician, and in the Carthian movement, has published a few papers on alternate ways vampires can relate to humans. He claims that True Blood was based on one of his papers.

In addition, regardless of how much a parody he is of himself, he is a well trained warrior-noble from the early 1900s, as I found out at a recent incident which I will not go into.

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Favorite Games: Arkham Horror, Talisman, Various Black Dog RPGs (OOC: Black Dog = White Wolf)

Your own Derek still maintains his ties to Ithaca, and a visit from him is likely to draw many of the fringe kindred to such a meeting.

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Favorite Games: Shadows Over Camelot, Infinite City, Diplomacy, Legend of the Five Rings CCG

Laczlo of Rochester is originally from Ithica, and still occasionally travels back there.

There are others, but it would take too long to list them all. Most are not regulars, and some of them simply enjoy keeping touch with other Carthians.

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