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These descriptions are a collection of rumors and research from an in character source (from Syracuse). If you’d like to know more or would like to be from or sired by someone in Buffalo, please consult the ST.

These are also simply the prince’s power base, the ones you would encounter if you were looking for “Buffalo’s court”. There are other kindred and kine in Buffalo of varying power and influence.


While technically a member of the Lancea Sanctum, the prince of Buffalo only really cares about the well being of the kindred in his domain. He’s friendly and leads with kind words and an inspiring presence, seeking to have his court overcome their moral and mortal weaknesses.

Wyatt is a good listener. He has been known to spend the entirety of a court evening without speaking. When he does speak, he tends towards child-like axioms. Words like: “If you’re bad, you will be punished, so let’s be good instead.” This has lead some to believe that Wyatt is either retarded or a regressive.

Regardless of the truth, it is not a weakness. Many find Watt’s words ingratiating, and Wyatt’s court would die defending him. More than one would be assassin has discovered Wyatt’s mastery of Resilience when an attack was met with a child-like giggle.

Legend has it that the last assassin who struck Wyatt was so overcome with the generosity and forgiveness in the laughter, he immediately offered his life to Wyatt. Rather then put the assassin to death, Wyatt appointed him as chief adviser, convincing the assassin to never kill again. None have dared an attempt on Wyatt’s life since.

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And what of the assassin, Wyatt’s court’s newest member? His mind snapped at Wyatt’s treatment of him. Today, his eyes see assassins everywhere. Ones who have come to kill him for his failure, to kill him for abandoning the way of the assassin, to kill him for prostrating himself before a prince, or to finish the contract to kill Wyatt. When not in Wyatt’s company, he’s been known to worry himself into a gibbering heap.

His name is not known. He has refused to answer such questions by the rest of court, and Wyatt has never asked. Only the one who hired him knows for sure, as there is some debate about if he remembers his own name after his indoctrination into court. The questions of court have been silenced by Wyatt’s dismissal of the issue, and today the ex-assassin is known simply as “Friend”.

Wyatt’s power over Friend is a chilling sight. The smallest gesture or word of comfort from Wyatt and all of Friends “insane” paranoia vanishes, leaving Friend with a crystal clear perception of what dangers actually exist.

The only attempt on Friends life showed that his killer instinct has not dulled. In fact, Friend attributes his new “desire to live” and “friendship” with an increase in strength. Per Friends oath not to take another life, that assassin was similarly not killed, but left free to leave the city.

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Nay is slow. Disturbingly slow. The kind of slow that makes you anxious to go faster. A conversation with him often leaves one wanting to finish his sentences in the hopes he’ll speak faster, while being too overwhelmed by unease to do so. Combined with his Nosferatu blood, Nay can suck the joy out of a conversation with the simplest of phrases.

Nay has no sense of self worth, and is often heard blaming himself for any of the scorn his fellows seek to give to him. He dislikes work, but not so much that he’d actually take any action to avoid it. For those of you with a sadistic bent, ask him to hold something heavy, and see how long it takes for him to realize he can put that object down. For best results, make sure Wyatt and the others don’t see you do that.

Technically a member of the Lancea Sanctum, Nay has never really taken part in any rites or rituals. He’s just not up to bothering to declare he is unaligned.

Nay is Wyatt’s sheriff and at least one kindred has thrown himself on Wyatt’s mercy rather than be interrogated by Nay. Of course, at least one kindred has thrown themselves on Wyatt’s mercy rather than talk to Nay. When forced to physically respond, Nay displays impressive amounts of Vigor.

  • Among court, Wyatt seeks to encourage Nay and instill in him a sense that Nay is wanted in court. Nay steadfastly refuses to see this, although the ferocity he defends court implies that Nay feels some connection deep down.
  • Friend and Nay tend to argue. Nay explaining the utter uselessness of worry and asking Friend to give up, and Friend explaining that preparation and discipline are essential to avoid disaster.

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There are many who have dark and hidden pasts. In some, that past is closer to the surface. In Peter, that past rages against a tattered facade that shifts, slips, and tears. An insane wrath is barely contained behind his eyes, and his voice shakes with anger at the slightest insult. Still, the past is hidden. It is known that Peter was a violent and ruthless inquisitor, but the specifics have been lost to time. It is said that he surrendered to his beast and became a raving killing machine. It is also said that Wyatt found something that brought Peter back.

From my experience, no one can return from that final frenzy. Still, Peter has gone closer to that edge then any kindred I know.

Peter has the personality of a rabid dog, obsessed with moral violations and inflicting punishment. Here too, Wyatt’s power is chilling. When at court, Peter calms. His eyes focus, and while he still shakes, some personality shows through. While still a no-nonsense inquisitor, hints of compassion show through.

Peter spends much of his time trying to reconnect with his human side. Currently he has taken up gardening as a method of encouraging things to grow. His first attempt ended with him burning down his greenhouse to get rid of some bugs. He’s gotten better.

  • Peter and Friend get along well for short periods, but each reflects the dark past of the other and the make each other uncomfortable in the long term.
  • Nay and Peter don’t speak a lot, although if Nay complains incessantly, Peter will correct whatever issue is causing the complaining.
  • Peter practically worships Wyatt. Rumor has it that Wyatt fought Peter’s beast directly and won. That’s probably just a rumor.

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(Pronounced like Or-Send without the D)

Orsen is rarely seen. He rarely offers advice, but normally when he does, court listens. Before he came to Buffalo he was a total recluse, only venturing out to feed and sometimes forgetting to do even that. Since entering the Buffalo court, Orsen is a bit more open, but not much. Often obfuscated in court, Orsen seems to find attention painful.

Still, he is useful. He reads a lot, and keeps up on culture and new technologies. While not one of those technophile vampires you hear legend of, if it’s new, he’s likely at least heard of it. He used to stay up a lot during the day, but has stopped doing that since the advent of Tivo and other recording mechanisms.

Wyatt sometimes forces Orsen to appear in court. Even at that time, Orsen sometimes appears out of obfuscate to speak.

Orsen assumes the role of advisory and researcher to the rest of court. It keeps them from disturbing him very often. As a result, Orsen is also a storehouse of rituals and similar knowledge.

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It takes a certain arrogance to take your name from a martial arts style. Still, for the most part, Crane lives up to his name. Never without a tri-section staff strapped to his back, he lives for sparring and training. If you look like you know how to fight, expect a “pouncing crane grasp” at some point during your visit to buffalo. Crane prefers light sparring, so if you are in the mood to test your mettle, it’s a good way to let off some steam. If you’re not in the mood, simply don’t react and Crane will almost immediately lose interest.

This obsession with training and sparring bothers Peter and Friend. In particular, Peter has frenzied on Crane more than one. To his credit, Crane made sure that Peter was not injured and took the time to calm the situation. You also have to respect anyone who can stand up to Peter in a frenzy, as Peter’s normal restraint in his use of devotions vanishes.

When asked why he is in Buffalo, Crane will state he is here to train with a “great master”. Still, the only kind of training he gets from those in Buffalo is the occasional scuffle.

Crane and Nay get along well. Crane patently ignores Nay’s Nosferatu aura, and Nay finds the physical bothering of Crane more tolerable then verbal bothering.

Ironically, Crane is the Keeper of Elysium in Buffalo. Amusing when you consider that he’s the one most likely to break it. Still, anyone who steps out of line will find themselves facing Crane at his most defensive, until they run out of steam.

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(Full name is Alan Shepard)

Shepard is an elder. Or at least, he carries himself as an elder Mehket. He is a higher ranking member of the Lancea Sanctum in the area, or would be if he didn’t spend most of his time wandering and searching for relics.

Shepard is a man of contradictions. He is a nomad, but he always returns to Buffalo. He is an elder, yet he almost never displays any powers beyond that of a newly embraced kindred. When he is in Buffalo, he is warm, friendly and generally open and friendly, but he never speaks about where he’s been or what he’s done. If one were to meet him on the street, one could easily mistake Shepard for a mortal, but when he speaks in court, all listen.

Shepard gets along with all the kindred of Buffalo. Although, Wyatt has a greater calming effect on the various beasts, Shepard’s ability to give support and respect comes a close second. Even Orsen is willing to come out and see him when he’s in town.

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Vampires normally count their age from when their requiem started. There are two exceptions to this. The very old, who were embraced after 70 or so, who’s mortal age dwarfs the combined mortal and kindred ages of others. And the very young, who feel the need to state both of their ages in order to not appear so inexperienced.

Joey is nine, both as a mortal and as a vampire. Well, 9 plus eight and a half, as he might say. his past is sorted. A father who left him when he was five, who returned to bring Joey across into his own requiem. The father was not a nice man, he beat Joey before he left, and when he returned for his son, he beat Joey’s mother to death in front of him.

Joey’s father is not spoken of. Suffice to say that less than a year after embracing Joey, Wyatt found out. It is believed that Wyatt did not let Peter kill Joey’s father, but instead, Wyatt personally ended the father’s requiem.

Joey stayed with Wyatt for a short while, until he found himself a mother. First kept in secret, Joey ghouled her and made himself a hidden family. When Wyatt found out, he did what Joey couldn’t and embraced her.

Today, Joey is well protected by the other kindred of Buffalo. While some kids who are embraced become sociopaths, Joey seems to be developing normally. Even as he is primed to turn eighteen this year, there is still a child inside him that laughs and enjoys childhood games.

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Jill is as close to a Cinderella story as you can get as a kindred. A crack-whore who became the childer of a prince.

Jill was a drug addict as a mortal. She lost one of her mortal children when they got into her drug stash, and a second was lost in childbirth from her heavy drug use. When she met Joey, she was living on the street in rags, lamenting over the weakness that took her two children from her.

Joey had learned a bit from Wyatt, so attempted to comfort Jill. She claims that Joey made her get clean before he was willing to ghoul her. She did, and found in Joey a reason to live.

Having Wyatt as a sire has given her a special place in court. In some respects, she acts as mother to most of court. She is a confidant, and a source of comfort and shelter from the beast.

Not to say she’s a saint. When Joey grows up to the point of no longer needing her, I suspect there will be quite a clash that not even Wyatt will be able to smooth over. Still, for now, and likely for a while, the bond of mother and son override her baser instincts.

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